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Unfortunately, we are under another state mandate due to Covid-19... we are encouraging, but not requiring all our guests to wear a mask into our facilities, but once seated can remove their mask for food and drink consumption.
Our staff will also be encouraged, but not required during this time frame for the protection of our guests and other employees.
We apologize for the inconvenience and continue to bear with us during these trying times. Thank you for your patience and cooperation!

Again, please be patient with our staff as we attempt all CDC guidelines and protocols to ensure the safety of our guests and staff!!

Welcome back and we look forward to seeing you all again!!

  • Side Street Parking
    Side Street Parking
  • Remodeled Bar Area
    Remodeled Bar Area
  • Chet Skodinski & Emil Praslowicz
    Chet Skodinski & Emil Praslowicz
  • Dance Floor (covering the bowling lanes)
    Dance Floor (covering the bowling lanes)
  • Bowling Alley (when the dance floor is removed)
    Bowling Alley (when the dance floor is removed)
  • Famous Broasted Chicken Dinner
    Famous Broasted Chicken Dinner
  • Main Street Entrance
    Main Street Entrance
  • Chet & Emils Motel
    Chet & Emils Motel
  • Friday Fish Fry
    Friday Fish Fry

Ask your server or 


to purchase your

Old Fashioned 

Mix today!!!

Old Fashioned Mix 
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32 Fl Oz Bottle

Birthday Discount Coupons:
There have been concerns about guests who receive the birthday discounts in the mail during the month of April and May. 

 We will extend the April and May birthday discount cards to be redeemed for dine-in only.

Note: This specific birthday coupon promotion is strictly handled through a company in Green Bay and is not something Chet & Emil's sends out directly as it is a random selection each month.


Kyle Alft 
Diane Malzahn 
Lois Anderson 

If you want to get in on the fun for the PowerPoint Monthly Birthday Drawings, ask your server or bartender for further details during your next visit! Each month, three individuals are randomly selected for a chance to win a birthday certificate.
If you or anyone knows a winner that gets posted on here for their month that is on the PowerPoint Birthday List, contact us via messenger!

Note: This birthday promotion is not the same as the birthday coupons that are randomly sent out each month. That specific birthday coupon promotion is strictly handled through a company in Green Bay.